Results, Not Rhetoric

Williamson County is consistently ranked as one of the best places in the nation to live, work and raise a family. Commissioner Cynthia Long’s leadership is one of the big reasons why…

Protecting Tax Dollars

  • Lower taxes…period. The property tax rate in Williamson County today is lower than when Cynthia took office. She is holding the line on government growth, always willing to make the tough decisions.
  • Cynthia led the fight to eliminate the Freeport Tax on manufacturing business in Williamson County. This freed up capital for businesses to invest and expand here which has resulted in a larger property tax base and the creation of quality local jobs.

Public Safety

  • Cynthia was one of the original supporters of a veteran’s docket in the county court system, and has helped secure grant funding for this successful program. Cynthia has consistently supported competitive pay for law enforcement and other first responder personnel.
  • Cynthia has also overseen the technology modernization for dispatching/911 service for EMS, law enforcement and fire.

Transportation and Parks

  • Nearly three hundred miles of new roadways have been constructed on Cynthia’s watch, including the completion of Cottonwood Creek Trail, Little Elm Trail, and RM 1431 in Cedar Park; Hero Way, San Gabriel Parkway and Bagdad Road in Leander; and improvements to CR 258, SH29 and CR 214 and in Liberty Hill.
  • During this same period, Williamson County’s bond rating has been raised to AAA by multiple rating agencies, resulting in millions of dollars in savings to taxpayers due to lower interest rates on voter-approved bonds.
  • Walkers, runners, bikers, and strollers now enjoy an additional 2.75 miles of Brushy Creek Trail.

Good for the Economy, Good for the Environment

  • Cynthia was one of the leaders in Williamson County’s fight against the endangered listing of several salamander species in the county. Because of her work, the endangered listing never came to pass, and the job-killing regulations that accompany endangered listings never materialized.
  • The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program in Williamson County has been spearheaded by Cynthia. This is an innovative financing program –completely free of government mandates and public funding – that enables non-profit, commercial, industrial, multi-family, and agricultural property owners to obtain up to 100% of the project financing from low-cost, long-term loans for water conservation, energy efficiency, and onsite generation projects.
  • Williamson County taxpayers now save over $70,000 annually because of Cynthia’s efforts in obtaining grants and funding to move some of the County’s fleet to propane fuel. This has also reduced our in dependence on foreign oil, as the fuel is purchased from a Texas supplier; creating Texas jobs.
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Investing in our Students

Commissioner Long invests in our students. She has been invited to teach a class on local government in high school classes in several school districts and private schools in the County. Her interactive and engaging approaching keeps her being invited back year after year.